Brandon Cantrell

Graduate Professional Assistant 

Hometown: Pound, Virginia 
Language: English 
Studying: Professional Writing and Rhetoric

What inspires you about writing? 
I find writing to be a powerful form of communication. I enjoy having the opportunity to write for large audiences using inclusive strategies, so information can be conveyed appropriately and respectfully. 

What do you like best about your position in Learning Services? 
Learning Services provides so many cool (and free) resources to the Mason community. I value the ability of helping the services be more accessible to the community through marketing and community education. 

What is one thing you want people to know about Learning Services? 
I urge students to look past the negative connotation in seeking help. We can all benefit from having somebody to talk to. Our Peer Academic Coaches are fellow students who have experienced academic difficulties and want to help you identify ways to overcome your own.

How would you describe your learning style? 
I consider my learning style to be verbal and logical. 

What are your academic challenges?
Throughout my undergraduate career, I would often struggle with procrastination. When I began graduate school, however, I quickly learned the value in creating a plan of action to complete my work on a schedule that works best for me to avoid stress. 

How do you use that experience to help students?
I believe that everyone has their own way of working, so it is important to find out the times of the day when you work best. I modify my schedule around the times I work best. Creating a schedule is a great way to know of upcoming assignments, create a plan to work on the assignments, and stay organized throughout the semester. 

Hobbies & Interests 
I love exploring new places and taking cool pictures along the way. In addition, I collect house plants. So far, I have 14! 

Future Goals 
My ultimate goal is to write books on all the topics that have interested me throughout the years. I will also be pursuing a PhD to advance my understanding in writing and rhetoric.