Meet Our Coaches!

Aya Abdel-Kader

Hi there, Aya here. I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Community Health and minoring in Health Communication. I love doing these creatively, so no matter your concern, we’ll find a way that works best for you while also making it fun and engaging. I love working with people on a personal level; just talking with people fuels my ideas and ignites my sense of creativity. I want to be a writer, a teacher of unique subjects (those that touch a wide range of topics), and do something to the health of those who cannot afford adequate health care.

Taylor Wynne

Hi, I am a neuroscience/premed major looking to become a physician-scientist doing clinical research. I love to travel and participate in outdoor activities. I also enjoy mentoring and helping other students achieve their goals.

Kirah Daniels

Kirah Daniels is a graduate student in the Counseling and Development program. She is a kinesthetic learner and takes a creative approach to coaching. She cultivates her creativity in her free time by painting, knitting, and dancing.

Devante Martin

Devante is a senior, mechanical engineering major from southwest Virginia. Upon graduating, he would like to work with alternative energy and sustainability engineering to ensure that future is safe and bright. He also loves to travel, draw, paint, and help people achieve academically.

Yi Shang

Yi Shang is a graduate student in community agency counseling. He can speak in Wenzhounese, Mandarin, and English. His learning experience covers educational psychology (a master degree), professional medical training (used to be a physician), semiprofessional basketball (basketball player for his college), traveling (especially road trip), history, outdoor sports, cooking, etc. He is good at communicating with people from different cultures and diverse background. His dream job is to becoming a professional counseling psychologist and working globally for not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations. His coaching is emphasizing on listening, giving feedback, and encouraging.

Veronica Zhang

Veronica is a graduate student in the Counseling and Development program. She has experience as a trainer. She loves travel which helps her experience the views from different cultural perspectives. These cultural perspectives as well as her experience working with students may be helpful to you.



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