Giovanni Flores

Peer Academic Coach 

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Languages: English and Spanish
Studying: Biology and planning on attending dental school upon graduation

What inspires you about pursuing a degree in that field?
I love the level of professionalism required to be a dentist. I also love how intense the career is and the fact that I will always have something to do.

What do you like best about your position in Learning Services?
I’ve been a math and Biology/Chemistry tutor for about 3 years, it’s not necessarily that I enjoy the all the concepts of these subjects, it’s that I love the satisfaction of helping others and setting them up for success. That’s what excites me so much about being a Peer Academic Coach! It’s a new outlet for me to potentially impact other’s lives.

What is one thing you want people to know about Learning Services?
I want people to know that they should not  be scared to seek help, Mason offers so many great FREE services to students but a lot of students are scared to take advantage of them. You don’t need to be doing poorly in classes to come visit an academic coach! Come in anytime and we can help with a variety of things.

How would you describe your learning style? 
I am more of a visual learner. I learn better through pictures and videos rather than flipping through dull slides.

What are your academic challenges?
I tend to be way too hard on myself at times. It’s only because I know what I’m capable of and when I don’t hit that mark it makes me upset. But I’m slowly but surely learning that I am not superman and I can’t do it all.

How do you overcome those challenges?
It all comes down to preparation and looking ahead. I am only stressed when I procrastinate so I try to work as efficiently as I can so that I don’t get stressed.

How would you use that experience to help students?
I apply my own experiences to the students that come in. We’re all students and we all go through the same things. You’ve experienced it and I’ve probably experienced something similar; we could use both our experiences and work together to find a solution!

Hobbies & Interests
I enjoy learning about all types of different cultures and doing things that might be outside of my comfort zone, like trying all different types of food. I also like to play soccer. My favorite team is Barcelona. In addition, I can play the violin like there’s no tomorrow. 

Future Goals
In the future I hope to own my own practice and be a Doctor of Dental Surgery. I want to work hard for my friends and my family, and I want all those who have supported me throughout the years to not have to worry about a thing, I got this.

I’m exciting to meet you all, please schedule an appointment soon!