Innovative Educators

The company Innovative Educators has made their Online Learning student success videos available to Mason students for free.

  • Go2Orientation (Go2O) – Orientation For Online Learners
    Go2O provides a dynamic onboarding experience to prepare students to take classes online. Using captivating animations and student interviews, our unique approach delivers relevant & timely information tailored to student needs. Go2O consists of learning modules on such topics as procrastination, making engaging posts, studying for online classes, online test-taking strategies, staying motivated during your online class and more.
  • StudentLingo (SL) – Online Student Success Workshops
    After completing the orientation, students will have access to 20 additional workshops to make sure they can access support resources at any time and from any location. These workshops include time management, stress management, setting & accomplishing goals, test anxiety, critical thinking skills, information literacy, and more.

How to Access

To access online resources, visit ( and follow the next steps:

  • Create an account
  • Fill out the information about who you are and where you study
  • Start utilizing online orientation and student success workshops

Please Note: Free access to this service ends on May 15, 2020