Sundiata Kamau

Hometown: Queens, New York

Language: English

Studying: Marketing

What inspires you about marketing?

I am intrigued by the creativity and impact marketing has on virtually all products or services. I enjoy the opportunity to network and create new ideas that will impact many individuals. Also, the competitiveness that comes with marketing is always fun.

What do you like best about your position in Learning Services? 

I like that I can connect with the students at Mason to enlighten them with the (FREE) resources that Learning Services and CAPS provide. I also can feel like myself and share my ideas with everybody.

What is one thing you want people to know about Learning Services? 

I want people to know that they are not alone on this campus. There are a boat load of useful resources and activities to help progress any and all individuals.

How would you describe your learning style? 

I would describe my learning preference to be visual and strategic.

What are your academic challenges?

Since starting out my college career, my biggest academic challenge has been studying. I used to dislike reviewing class materials and never understood study techniques.  However, I found a way to study more by taking 15 minutes of each hour to review class materials. This way I can constantly study without stressing my brain.

How do you use that experience to help students?

I know that students often dislike studying as well, but as long as they divide and conquer the class materials within the day I believe studying will come with more ease. It has to be a consistent schedule of studying which may be hard to do the first two weeks, but after a while, it will be easy to manage.

Hobbies & Interests 

I enjoy learning new cultures and cooking various types of meals. I also run track and field at George Mason University which I have a passion for.

Future Goals 

My future goal is to be a self-sufficient entrepreneur with my own business, as well as a top notch marketing contractor/coordinator.